Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Osteoid Osteoma-Ulna

15 years old girl comes with pain along the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon ( ECU) with clinical diagnosis of extensor carpi ulnaris groove syndrome.

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Teaching Points
- ECU arises by two tendons one from lateral epicondyle and the other the mid 1/3rd of the posterior ulna and its inserts into the posterior base of the 5th metacarpal. ECU passes the groove on the medial side of the distal ulna and its covered by the annular ligament.

- CT shows small well defined, regular, subperiosteal, septated mixed density lesion with a hyperdense speck as the nidus with no soft tissue abnormality or joint abnormality with no significant periosteal response suggesting osteoid osteoma.

- Osteoid osteoma, and tenosynovitis along the ECU are difficult to differentiate on clinical grounds.



sampat said...

The CT findings are s/o osteoid osteoma,was the diagnosis confirmed clinically?

sampat said...

was the diagnosis confirmed histopathologically?

MGK Murthy said...

NO , it is being still planned and this is only for teaching purposes and the diff diag would always need to be considered particularly brodies abscess

RF ablation under CT guidance is considered as the better way to treat rather than surgery presently

Ayush said...

The female is young. so this isn't a classical case for sure
because osteoid osteoma is commonly in middle aged females and young males

also the double dot sign (nidus) is not classicaly visible

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