Monday, July 12, 2010

Intraventricular Cysticercosis-MRI

Intraventricular infestation of neurocysticercosis is relatively rare, and it is usually associated with multiple sites of ventricular and parenchymal lesions. Intraventricular cysts are typically 1-2 cm in diameter and show surrounding ependymal inflammatory reaction. Note the cystic lesion in IV ventricle with turbulent flow in IV ventricle and ependymal reaction. There was resultant obstructive hydrocephalus.

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Dr Punyabrata Das said...

Dear Sir,this a very case that i recently saw on one of the investigations here in Moscow.Since I am still a learner,it would be great if you could post ,how exactly was the diagnosis formulated.Here its all in Russian,I would like to know how its written in english.Well if possible for you and you have the time.Thank you

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