Sunday, August 06, 2006

Useful link on CTisus Site about Critical Points in CT

Elliot K. Fishman, of the Website CTisus adds an interesting column on Pearls in CT on his site. He goes like-
"Imaging "pearls" or critical points have been as much a part of radiology as teaching files. Therefore, we are pleased to bring you our new "pearls" section which will bring to our readers key vignettes on imaging. I will do this monthly based on either the current literature or information that comes across my desk. "
Extremely useful or i might say a Pearl of a link for Radiology Residents :-)


CTDave95 said...
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CTDave95 said...

Dr. Fishman by far has the best CT educational site on the web. Everything CT from his clinical practice at John Hopkins. A must for all who do CT examinations.

Dave Woeber RT(R)(CT)
Dave's Places In Radiology

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