Sunday, September 12, 2004


v Due to Vit. C deficiency
v Characterised by generalised hemorrhagic tendency.
v Most common in infants between 5 - 10 months
v When associated with Rickets : Barton's Disease
v Endochondral ossification ceases.

Clinical Features :
v Restless, Fibrile child
v Affected limb is swollen, tender, painful with muscular spasm (Pseudo Paralysis)
v Bluish spongy gums especially upper central incisor
v Skin ecchymosis, hematuria, hematemesis
v Epiphyseal fracture separation : At lower femur, upper tibia, upper humerus
Costochondral separation (Scorbotic rosary)
v Anaemia

X - Rays :
v Groud glass appearance
v Subperiosteal haemorrhage - ossification
A. White line of frankel : dense line between Epiphysis and Metaphysis
B. Scurvy Line : Dense line between Metaphysis
C. Wimberger's Line : Dense line within epiphysis
D. Pelkan Spur : A bone spur from lateral border of metaphysis


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