Thursday, October 30, 2014

Complicated Mastoiditis-MRI

  • Fluid signal in the right mastoid suggesting right mastoiditis. Peripherally enhancing extra-axial area in the right temporal region suggesting epidural abscess with associated altered signal in the squamous temporal bone and extension into the massetric space. Focal ring enhancing lesion with extensive perilesional edema is noted in the right temporal lobe suggesting temporal lobe abscess (1.4 x 1.2cm).  Prominent leptomeningeal enhancement is noted in right temporal region.  There is resultant mass effect with uncus indenting the right cerebral peduncle. 

Findings are suggestive of right mastoiditis with intracranial extension-epidural and intraparenchymal abscess & meningitis. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Google Pill For Detecting Diseases

Known as the “Nanoparticle Platform,” the project is part of a wider effort inside Google to develop new technologies capable of improving healthcare.

According to a report, Google is fashioning nanoparticles that combine a magnetic material with antibodies or proteins that can attach to and detect other molecules inside the body. The idea is that patients will swallow a pill that contains these particles, and after they enter the bloodstream—attempting to identify molecules that would indicate certain health problems—a wearable device could use their magnetic cores to gather them back together and read what they’ve found.
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The Test of “Time”

As a kid I used to wonder why organizations and stores across the world write on their boards, tag lines like “Since 1831” or “since 1920”.  But, with running my own organizations both DAMS and TeleRad Providers I have  realized that  we actually improved, and added processes every year. We are actually not the same organization anymore, we have changed with time and we have evolved with evolving technologies and consumer needs. Now I have understood the value of organizations which have survived more than 100 years with changing customer base and mindset, have actually stood the test of time.   This shows their patience and willingness to change according to times. It shows their adaptability or else their products would stop making sense. Time is most important test for any organization, because it does not forgive, if you don’t respect changing times you will perish.   Most people/ start ups give up in initial years.   There is chasm between starting something new and becoming mainstream. People who become successful are the ones who cross the chasm by surviving the test of time.  Organizations are like people, they age, with age some mature into adaptable system while some become senile, lose connect with the consumer base. True relationships and great organisations stand the test of time.

May we get the gift to come up with ideas that will last. Ideas that will stand the ”test of time”.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Organized Chaos

Most people try very hard to make processes and workflow, hoping for a perfect organization with everything in place and no chaos. Most start ups feel that larger corporations are fully organized. What I have learnt is the fact that it is always a chaos in every organization, every effort to achieve a goal but the only ones who are able to direct the chaos towards a common goal, are able to do well. Hence my term for successful people and great organizations is organized chaos. At the ‘micro’ level you will observe chaos but at a ‘macro’ level you will find the ‘organized chaos’ moving forward, inching upwards. Same happens in exams, sometimes things actually appear chaotic but as long as the entire process is moving towards a common goal, it is alright.

Probably secret to success is to not creating a picture perfect scenario (which is usually far from realistic) rather “the secret” is organizing your chaos towards a common goal, so the larger picture makes sense even when the individual components are chaotic.

Parotid Abscess-MRI

67 year old with painful swelling in parotid region since 15 days shows on MRI: Focal lesion appearing hyperintense on T2 WI in the right parotid region involving the superficial lobe of parotid measuring 2.5 x 2cm in axial plane and with few internal contents & septae-likely indicative of parotid abscess.

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