Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Putting yourselves in other's shoes

Same questions seem to have different answers when they apply to us or to others. When it comes to others’ lives everyone seems to know what is to be done. But when it comes to our own lives same questions appear clouded and lines between right and wrong appears blurred. We all tend to go into judgmental phase when situation is about others. But, when you are supposed to take a call on your own self, it is a different ball game altogether.
We all have a perception about ourselves, which is part “factual” and part “make belief” by which we round off rough edges of our own self image to create a perfect self image and we judge others with respect to this “perfect” image of ours.
There is no such thing as perfect “human”.
We all judge people and their circumstances based on our own self image and experiences in life.
There is no such thing as absolute “right” or “wrong”, there are just people, perspectives and circumstances.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Meningioma Radio-Path Series

#Radiopath series, #meningioma  In continuation with our efforts to compile key correlation about radiology and pathology findings which are vital for medical students' understanding of pathology and their radiological correlation.

Imaging 3.0-Volume to Value

ACR initiative : Imaging 3.0 is Radiology’s Roadmap for the transition from volume-based imaging to value-based imaging care.


Computer Aided Diagnosis-Basics

  • Computer-aided diagnosis  is rapidly entering the radiology mainstream. In developed conuntries, it has already become a part of the routine clinical work for mammograms. The computer output is used as a "second opinion" in assisting radiologists' image interpretations. 
  • The computer algorithm generally consists of several steps that may include image processing, image feature analysis, and data classification via the use of tools such as artificial neural networks (ANN).
  • It has also been used for lung nodules detection, vertebral fracture assessment and for evaluating serial interval changes. Detection of polyps in colon is another use and there is a role in nuclear scans. 
  • At the present stage of the technology, CAD cannot and may not substitute the doctor, but rather plays a supporting role. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

MCI suspends 15 Doctors for Pharma Sponsored Foreign Trip

The Medical Council of India has ordered a six month suspension of the licences of 15 doctors who travelled to the United Kingdom in 2012 on what the council says was a trip paid for by a drug company. The order, issued last week, came amid longstanding concerns that some doctors in India may be accepting travel support and hospitality from drug companies, thus breaching ethical guidelines issued by the council nearly six years ago. 
Medical Council of India orders doctors’ suspension for drug industry junket. BMJ 2015; 350 doi: (Published 26 February 2015). BMJ 2015;350:h1106

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