Wednesday, March 06, 2013


7 months baby diagnosed as retinoblastoma on MRI shows T1 hyperintensity , T2 low signal with regions of low signals on all sequences ( calcium)  & multicentricity or bilaterality  with subretinal fluid  and intense and heterogenous enhancement including in the anterior eye segment / choroidal involvement / extension along the optic nerve on the right.  There is  no intracranial extension / no pineal region SOL with ‘J’ shaped sella.

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy, Mr Venkat, Mr Abdul Hamid:

1. Retinoblastoma is a most common pediatric intra ocular neoplasm.

2. MRI plays a role in differentiating from leukocoria.

3. Multicentric origin / anterior eye enhancement / choroidal involvement / subretinal fluid / scleral / extrascleral involvement / extension along the optic nerves / intracranial extension are well demonstrated on MR.

4. It also helps to exclude trilaterality in the pineal region and also exclude associated malignancies.

5. MR has a role in studying of implants post enucleation including fibrovascular growth.

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