Thursday, December 27, 2012


18year old girl with MRI hand. Evidence of sclerosis & cortical thickening involving the 2nd & 3rd metacarpals along with sclerosis in the capitate bone with obliteration of the medullary cavity in these bones. Such appearance with predominant cortical thickening in the metacarpals suggests melorheostosis.  Melorheostosis (also known as Leri disease) is an uncommon mesenchymal dysplasia manifesting as regions of sclerosing bone with a characteristic dripping wax appearance or flowing candle wax appearance. The condition, especially in childhood, is usually asymptomatic, with the condition diagnosed as an incidental finding on radiographs obtained for another purpose.The name is derived from the Greek words for limb (melos) and flow (rhe), due to its characteristic appearance of flowing hyperostosis.

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good we were habitual of diagnosing this entity on plain xay

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