Friday, December 14, 2012

Grey matter heterotopia-MRI

Grey matter heterotopias are characterised by interruption of normal neuronal migration from near the ventricle to the cortex. This patient presented with refractory seizures with MRI showed nodular subependymal & subcortical heterotopia. Grey matter heterotopias can be divided macroscopically into:

nodular heterotopias

  1. subependymal heterotopia : most common
  2. subcortical heterotopia

diffuse heterotopias

  1. band heterotopia 
  2. lissencephaly 
  3. laminar heterotopia

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Shagun Aggarwal said...

Heterotopias are part of a spectrum of disorders known as "neuronal migration defects" . All are single gene disorders and for many genetic testing is available in India. Appropriate molecular testing can help in providing recurrence risk (which may be upto 25%)and prenatal diagnosis. Such patients need evaluation by geneticists.

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