Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do patients consider us (Radiologists) as Doctors?

There is an interesting article in the British Journal of Radiology (2012) 85, e1184-e1189, in which patients  attending the breast clinic who required  imaging (mammography and/or ultrasound) were asked to complete a questionnaire.  Surprisingly, 76% of patients thought that radiologists were radiographers and only 14% knew that radiologists were medical doctors. Nearly 40% of patients did not consider that radiologists had a role to play in their care. 

Guys we need to work on our public image building sooner than we think!!


Anonymous said...

i read that article sir..i think it was in ireland ! the situation is even worse !

Anonymous said...

i don't know but we lady radiologists/doctors are always called & considered SISTERS even by the so called educated people-as if only males can be doctors-so irritating .I now use ear plugs to completely shut off that irritating comment and talk only if necessary.
But yes patients do consider as as some technician akin to a blood bank guy/lab guy.Who cares? we are the people on top we diagnose diseases that's what we should care.

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