Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Term of the day-Meniscal Flounce

The meniscal flounce is thought to be a transient physiologic distortion and may be related to meniscal locations on the tibial plateau. It may be changed by varying the knee position.

Image courtesy   Brian Sabb
Team Physician, The Orthopaedic Radiology Specialist for Athletic Medicine Division at Eastern Michigan University
Co-Chairman, Musculoskeletal Anatomy Course at University of Michigan Medical School

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Brian Sabb said...


I totally agree with the post about meniscal flounce.

However, a point of caution. I have heard physicians say that meniscal flounce rules out meniscal tear. This is not true. Flounce is rarely seen, but can be present in torn and intact/normal menisci.


Dr. Brian Sabb

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