Friday, December 02, 2011

Tibialis Anterior Rupture-MRI

Evidence of thickening and altered signal intensity in relation to tibialis anterior tendon with intrasubstance as well peritendinous hyperintensity and fluid signal. There is surrounding myofascial edema. These findings likely indicate laceration or rupture of the tibialis anterior tendon. This is young patient with history of dropping heavy object on foot.  Tears of TA can generally be divided into two categories: first, acute rupture secondary to laceration, a sudden violent force, and fractures; and, second, acute-on-chronic or spontaneous rupture. Spontaneous ruptures are less frequent, and most occur through its mid substance, which is the central portion of the tendon along its short axis.

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Brian Sabb said...


Nice example of an uncommon tendon tear. When the ATT recoils it balls up and can form a "lump" of tendon tissue that presents to the clinician as a ST mass.

Consider this entity when a patient presents to you for MRI to r/o anterior ankle mass.

Thanks for another great case!

Brian Sabb

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