Thursday, December 15, 2011

Entrepreneurship in Radiology-IRIA 65

Entrepreneurship in Radiology. This is the title of the talk for which i am invited faculty in IRIA 65th in Hyderabad. Something which is very close to my heart. I have always felt our radiology education system has somehow neglected this very important aspect and we have lost turf to other people because of relative lack of long term vision and zeal to create our own business in young radiologists. Fat pay package is a poison for an entrepreneur. I am sure my talk will inspire more young radiologists into creating their own brands. Please post or email any ideas or thoughts you have regarding this topic.


Brian Sabb said...


That's a great topic.

Good luck on your presentation, I bet it will be terrific. I wish I could see it.

Best regards,

Brian Sabb

yatendra said...

this is very nice topic ... i m JR in radiodiagnosis dept raipur . i'll pleased to meet u sir in hydrabad...

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