Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choanal Atresia-CT

There is evidence of retained secretions in the bilateral nasal cavities with fluid level in both nasal cavities more on the right side. Also noted is thickening of vomer which measures 0.4cm, posterior nasal apertures measure 0.13cm on the right side and 0.15cm on the left side.  There is bowing and thickening of the posterior medial maxilla. Findings are consistent with choanal atresia.

Reference- CT criteria for choanal atresia include  narrowing of the posterior choanae (LWNC-V < 0.34 cm in newborn), medial bowing and thickening of the posterior medial maxilla (which may be fused with the lateral margin of vomer), thickening of vomer (>0.34 cm) and retained fluid in the nasal cavity.

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