Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Long standing Portal hypertension-CT

Shrunken liver with nodular outline and relative enlargement of the caudate lobe. These are consistent with chronic liver disease. GB is contracted with thickened, possibly edematous walls. IHBR dilatation in this possibly indicates associated portal biliopathy.  Calcification in relation to anatomical site of the main portal vein, porta hepatis and spleinc vein. Spleen is enlarged. Calcification is also noted in the splenic parenchyma which is seen extend along the vascular branches. Calcification in the portal venous system is known to occur in the long standing portal hypertension. Collateral/tortousity noted in perisplenic region and lienorenal region.  Collaterals are alos noted along the body wall. Gross ascites.  Wall thickening in the GE junction which may indicate varices. Stomach wall is also thickened.

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