Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cerebello-pontine Angle Epidermoid-MRI

On T1-weighted images, epidermoids are generally slightly hyperintense or isointense relative to gray matter. The lesions are usually isointense relative to CSF on T2-weighted images, but they may be slightly hyperintense. The center of these lesions usually has an internal architecture with areas of heterogeneity. Enhancement of portions of the rim may be seen after the administration of contrast material. The remainder of the lesion does not enhance. Diffusion-weighted imaging can now be used for these lesions epidermoids have markedly restricted diffusion and, therefore, high signal intensity on the diffusion-weighted trace images.


Anonymous said...

Do you really mean costophrenic angle?
or does CA angle stand for cerebellopontine angle?

Sorry to be the wiseguy....I just had to make a comment. I actually love your blog, and learn a great deal from it. So, greetings from Australia, and thanks for sharing your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Sir, is it costphrenic angle or cerebellopontine angle?

Sumer Sethi said...

apoplogies for the typo, must be an absent minded day. It is updated now... :)

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