Friday, September 12, 2008

Vertebral artery compressing the brainstem

Medullary compression by the vertebral artery is a little known clinical entity in the medical literature. This is a patient with vague neurological complaints on the left side with ventrolateral medullary compression on the brainstem.

Further reading
Vertebral Artery Compression of the Medulla. By Sean I. Savitz, MD; Michael Ronthal, MD; Louis R. Caplan, MD. Arch Neurol. 2006;63:234-241

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Anonymous said...

Dear colleagues
I have a fellow medical doctor aged 38 who just started having severe sleep apnea with newly diagnosed hypertension and his brain MRI showed VA compression on pons and medulla. He also has carotid artery coiling. Should we put him on Aspirin?

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