Friday, June 13, 2008

Giant Cell Tumour Of Patella-A Rare Location

Radiological differential diagnosis of osteolytic lesions in the patella include non-neoplastic conditions, and benign and malignant neoplasms. Non-neoplastic conditions include dorsal defects, hyperparathyroidism, osteomyelitis, osteochondritis dissecans, and rheumatoid cysts. Benign lesions include chondroblastoma, giant cell tumors, simple bone cysts, hemangioma, osteochondroma, lipoma and osteoblastoma. Malignant tumors include lymphoma, hemangioendothelioma and metastases.

Take Home Message-The patella should not be regarded as an unexpected location for a characteristically epiphyseal lesion such as a giant cell tumor.

Dr.Sumer K Sethi, MD
Consultant Radiologist ,VIMHANS and CEO-Teleradiology Providers
Editor-in-chief, The Internet Journal of Radiology
Director, DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences)


prakash said...

hi sumer.

very nice case. GCT of long bones originate in metaphysis and then progress in epiphysis. so they are not primarily epiphyseal lesions.

dr prakash odedra

Anonymous said...

I had a giant cell bone tumor of the patella!

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