Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rural Indian Centre's experience with Teleradiology- "Teleradiology Providers" An Indian Pioneering Experience

Now that the old debate versus a Radiologist on hand verus a remote teleradiologist seems to be getting over and the role of teleradiology is increasingly getting defined. Here are a few cases where our radiologists from Teleradiology Providers read emergency cases sent from a remote rural centre in India where finding a cross sectional imaging trained radiologist was difficult. We further emphasize that most of the cases were blunt trauma (as it was located near the highway) where immediate reports were given and clinical management was affected by the reports given by our radiologists. This is one of the first report from an Indian setting. We from Teleradiology Providers further emphasize the role of teleradiology in country like India is unmatched. In our country we have a divide between the rural and urban practise and finding a well trained specialist is almost impossible to find in rural settings. With increasing availablity of Internet and phones remote specialist radiologist can easily become a part of team.

In our experience we included telephonic discussions with the operating surgeon and the CT technician so that we could discuss the protocol and surgical approach. At no point did anybody from the hospital feel that our radiologists were not easily available. Teleradiology Providers is a part of the team.

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