Monday, December 12, 2005

Why less women are opting for Radiology-RSNA News

Some points from the article in RSNA news dealing with a very interesting discussion on Why More Women are Not Choosing Radiology as a Specialty-
Both men and women rank direct patient contact and intellectual stimulation as the most important factors influencing career decisions. For those who did not consider radiology as a possible career, lack of direct patient contact was the most important factor. For women, competitiveness involved in obtaining a residency position was also important.
Most medicals students do not get any significant exposure to radiology as a career until late in the third year or early in their fourth year, often after they’ve made a career choice. Lack of exposure to the specialty and lack of radiologists as role models are also additional reasons for not choosing radiology as a specialty.
Another important issue is radiation safety, particularly pregnant residents.
Something from my side, isnt this high time that such an important subject as Radiology is introduced as a proper subject in Undergraduate medical school... atleast in India the exposure of undergraduates to this speciality is minimal.. any comments from the experts?
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Anonymous said...

I'm a female premed student. I happen to be very interested in radiology and have to agree that there is little to no information about pursuing a carerr in radiology.

Sumer's Radiology Site said...

agreed radiology is one subject where undergrad med students are minimally exposed, as far as i think there shud be compulsory rotation in radiology for all in their final semesters followed by a small exam/ rad quiz etc to generate interest...

Anonymous said...

The title should read " Why FEWER women" and not "Why less women."

Anonymous said...

I am a female premed undergraduate student, and I am very interested in becoming a radiologist. I was surprised at the statistics the article sited, that although about half of students at medical schools are women, only about a quarter of radiology residents are female. One of the reasons I am attracted to radiology is that it seems the specialty most conducive to the life of a mother. Radiologists generally have reasonable hours and new technology makes it possible take care of emergency cases from a home computer. Is there a longer residency for radiologists that might be one factor discouraging women from pursuing that career?

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