Saturday, October 01, 2005

Blogging for a Radiologist features in Radiographics

Blogging for a Radiologist: An Easy Method for Web Site Building and Information Exchange
An eLetter from Dr Sumer Kumar Sethi features in Radiographics Online.
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Prachi said...

"Blogging" although is not a viable option in terms of propogating evidence based practice of medicine, it nevertheless is a handy platform to stimulate discussion. I tend to agree with Ryan et al, although its another story that "real time transfer of data" is somewhat marred by firewalls and privacy compliance issues. Faster transmission perhaps, NGI and serious policy reappraisal may be the key components that merit consideration for the envisioned "real time data transfer". Anyway.. my take efficiently moderated blogging, like sumer's rad ...looks like its there to stay!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Prachi for your very relevant comments..
sumer sethi

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