Saturday, November 20, 2004


aiims nov 2004
new concept-online support with mcq discussion board

highlights-extensive flowcharts and diagrams with special emphasis on protocols. beautiful explaination of the flow-volume curve with to the point diagrams.

features-fully solved and explained by sumer sethi and sidharth sethi is available in the market...highlights of the book are authentic references including harrisons 16th edition, diagrams and flowcharts, extensive coverage of topics so that all repeat questions are tackled...and first book of its kind to give extensive online support with an online discussion forum support by the author.. also by the same author "review of radiology" solving quite a few questions in this aiims!! and may 2004 aiims fully solved peepee of the main features of this book is in the reference the author has not modified the exact language of the text taken from standard textbooks so that it is very reliable not biased by personal beliefs.. personal beliefs or fundas built without text basis are usually disastrous for mcq exams so emphasis has been kept on what the latest and most standard books say.. wherever possible and required multiple references have been given...

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this online concept is a great new concept.. thanks

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